Video Sales with Middle Schoolers

Video sales
presentation with
West Springfield
6th graders

How to create an effective TV Ad

I was asked to present to 75 (GULP!) 6th graders in West Springfield Middle School last week. Their Principal gave the task of creating a TV Ad to sell a product or service in less than 90 seconds. First, what an awesome Principal, and great real-life experience for anyone interested in pursuing this as a career path down the road! If I had assignments like that in school, I have wanted to be there MUCH more!

So, I gave the students tips and tricks to get their message out there, and do it in an effective manner to get their audience to take action, quickly!

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Have you heard the “Sell this Pen” Pitch? Someone hands a piece of paper with $1 Million dollars written on it. Then they say “You can have this, I just need your signature.” They instantly created a reason why they would need that pen.

As a Marketing Coordinator for Conklin Office, I was able to show the students a real-life example. With COVID cases rising across the world, many offices are deserted like ancient Eygptian Tombs with their artifacts untouched since March 2020. Our customer’s problem was “How can we get our employees back to the office, safely?” Conklin quickly developed a new product during the closure to help Americans return to work with the introduction of Social Distancing Screens. 

In sales, customers want to know why your product is different from others, and why they should purchase it. Gather at least 3 reasons and present them as part of the solution to their problem. For instance, Conklin’s Social DIstancing Screens help stop the spread. These sneeze guards minimize the spread of COVID-19 and other airborne viruses by creating a barrier in between each employee workstation. These are easy to install and work on virtually every existing product. 

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When presenting your product or service, use body language to sell the product. Be energetic, and upbeat when selling an energy drink, for instance. Or if you’re selling Pepto, you might act like your stomach is upset, and your expression will be sour, worried, and sad while rubbing your tummy. 

Another tip for sales, ( or life really) is to not self-sabotage yourself by speaking badly about a competitor. If you think bringing down others is the way to the top, then you’re wrong. The psychology of this action actually reflects on you. People who speak ill of their competition are more likely to look like the jealous type, and it will actually turn off more people than it wins over. So keep that in mind, if that’s your game plan. It won’t end the way you want.


Last tip is to end on a high note, and get them to take action! Remember your goals for the assignment. End your pitch with a goal like: “Subscribe to our newsletter”, “Buy this energy drink”, or “Contact us for more information”. 

Take these tips and tricks, and go and write a script and start storyboarding! Feel free to submit your script and storyboards for critiques and an outside creative input! I LOVE having creative discussion and am an email away! Best of luck to the West Springfield Middle Schoolers! I can’t wait to see what you come up with! 

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