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The Process of Logo Design

Creating a LOGO and Brand Many of the best brands have a memorable presence. For instance, when someone asks you to describe a coke bottle, could you? Would you envision the logo, the vibrant red, the dark bubbly soda inside a curved-shape bottle that is handed to you by an even bubblier personally? It all matters when creating a brand identity. But, all of this needs to start with a mark, the mark that represents

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Video Sales with Middle Schoolers

Video sales presentation with West Springfield 6th graders How to create an effective TV Ad I was asked to present to 75 (GULP!) 6th graders in West Springfield Middle School last week. Their Principal gave the task of creating a TV Ad to sell a product or service in less than 90 seconds. First, what an awesome Principal, and great real-life experience for anyone interested in pursuing this as a career path down the road!

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